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The more brand audit data we gather from as many places as possible, the more power we have to challenge and pressure the top polluting corporations to shift away from single-use plastic. Submit your data here to grow the power of our global movement!

Send In The Data

In order for your data to be available to others and used in our global database for the annual “BRANDED” report, enter your data digitally to submit it to our team. We have three options available, so please choose the platform that best suits your needs. Please note that for the 2023 global brand audit, the deadline to submit your data is December 15, 2023. Any data received late will not be included in this year’s annual report.


This option is best suited for small audits of up to 5 people and no more than 2 bags. The cool thing about TrashBlitz is that your data is automatically saved as you enter it in, and you will receive a digital summary file of your data by email once you submit.

Plus, it’s been designed to feel like a game and make the process more fun! Please always use the same name and email when submitting your data, as each submission will count as one event.

BFFP Online Data Submission Form

This option is best suited for medium audits of up to 15 people and approximately 5 bags. It’s very easy to use, and you will also receive a digital summary file of your data by email after submitting.

The only tricky thing is this platform has a limit of 60 data entries per form submission, so keep that in mind when you decide which platform to use. If you have more than 60 data entries, we recommend the BFFP Excel Sheet.

BFFP Excel Sheet

This option is ideal for larger audits because there is no limit to the amount of data you can enter! Plus, you can work offline which makes it easier if you need to save and resume later. You can also keep an original copy of your data for yourself.

This Excel sheet has been programmed to autocomplete certain entries when possible, to make the data entry process easier for you. Please note that any changes to the format will result in your data being unusable, due to data merging limitations. To submit, send your completed sheet to before the deadline.

Thank you for your contribution to the Global Brand Audit!

From all of us and all of you that make up the Break Free From Plastic movement together, thank you for hosting a brand audit in your community! Here is a digital certificate of appreciation for you and your team - because we couldn’t do this without you.

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