“BRANDED Volume III: Demanding Corporate Accountability for Plastic Pollution” is out, revealing the Top 10 Corporate Plastic Polluters of 2020.
This year’s report features a Special Edition: Waste Picker Brand Audits as we put the spotlight on waste pickers around the globe and their vital contribution to managing the world’s plastic pollution crisis. BRANDED Volume III exposes how the plastic industry’s dirty decisions on packaging are impacting waste pickers’ livelihoods.

Special thanks to the Break Free From Plastic members, allies and all 14,734 volunteers who conducted 575 brand audits across 55 countries. They collected 346,494 pieces of plastic waste, 63% of which was marked with a clear consumer brand.

Watch the video below to find out the Top 10 Corporate Plastic Polluters of 2020.

Together, let’s keep the pressure on and demand real change.

Brand Audit Report 2020


Special Edition: Waste Picker Brand Audits

Waste pickers are material experts, knowledgeable about which materials can be resold and recycled. As corporations aggressively market single-use plastic packaging around the globe, the livelihoods of waste pickers are negatively impacted by increasing amounts of no-value, non-recyclable plastic packaging. Meet waste pickers around the world as they participate in this year’s Global Brand Audit and identify problematic materials and top corporate polluters.

Join us as we stand with waste pickers and demand real corporate accountability and real solutions!

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